Saturday, March 31, 2012

So here is a funny story you might be interested in. We were staying at awesome beach side hotel right outside Troy. The hotel crew set up a huge bonfire!! like huge as in setting fire to a tree! They also had speakers connected to one of our iPods so we could dance our little hearts out around the fire. We were having a great time! i was going insane on this beach, i was letting loose after a long week of 3 finals. The tide went out and left a nice flat surface for all of us to dance on. As i joined the rest of my friends on this new surface, i took a few steps and immediately i felt this jolting pain go up my leg. I saw tons of dead jelly fish on the shore the day before so i immediately thought that i stepped on a dying jellyfish. With its last dying breath the jellyfish was going to make my life suck. haha! I then thought: What do you do when a jellyfish stings you? Pee on it! So i grabbed my shoes and sweatshirt and RAN to my hotel room to pee on my foot. Our hotel was just a bunch of small apartment buildings, i was in Building D with the only room on the third floor. So i was running up to my room and just as i got to the last landing before my room my friend came out of the branch presidents room. He asked "DAVIS!!! ARE YOU OK?!!". I said" Oh, ya. haha i just got stung by a  stupid jellyfish" not even looking back at him. Then i heard ".....Uhhh.....i dont think so...". It was then that i realized my left foot was wet. i looked back at him and saw all of it. Blood was EVERYWHERE! On every step there was a pool of blood completely covering every step all of the way down. My heart sank deep in my chest. i cursed and ran up the last flight of stairs to my bathroom and put my foot in the tub. I saw blood pulse pressurized blood on that white porcelain. (i had a hard time writing that FYI). Second later my branch prez comes in to put his death grip around my ankle to slow down the bleeding. This entire time i'm giggling and laughing and making jokes. a couple minutes later our resident ER doctor (Dr. Chapman) on the trip comes to my room with his needle and thread ready to stitch me up right there on the bathroom sink (we switched around to show the doc). Doc took a look at it and told me "you know what Davis, i don't think i can clean this up enough. If i don't take you to the hospital you will get a serious infection". I was going to disagree with him then i realized that he was the one with the medical experience, so i complied. We drove the 15-20 min taxi drive to the hospital with my roommate holding my foot, keeping it elevated. No one in the entire 500 sq ft hospital spoke a word of English except a girl my age who was neither a nurse or a patient. she was just there. She told the doctor what happened and what we needed, then left. Miracle. Then they stuck me with stuff i think is called lidocaine? It was the worst pain i have ever experienced in my life!!! they had to go through my calluses, my fat to get to the muscle of the bottom of my foot to spit fire into my foot! not going to lie, i screamed like a little girl. My doc was laughing, i was too in between screams. People were leaving the hospital. my buddy in the waiting room was a little freaked out, wondering what was happening to me. They finally finshed the injections, cleaned it up really well, and stitched me up with 14 stitches. Now about a month later its all healed up, and by the time i get home i should be ble to run on it again. I think from now on im going to wear shoes on the beach- at least for a while.      

Took this today