Friday, February 24, 2012

Here are random pictures i got from my broken camera

... some are old and some are new and some are from people in my group

A picture of my friends Megan (nickname: Bacon), and Jen!

Old Branch President Oman, he played the bells on the YMCA tower.

A little plaque on the wall of the YMCA building.

The valley of Elah, this is where Davis and Goliath fought

another view of the valley

guy in center is Professor Ludlow for my ancient near east class. The hill behind him is the remains of the fortress of Lachish. This is the Fortress that was beseiged at the time of Hezekiah.

Maresha caves for the next 7 pictures. each of the holes you can see in this picture are for Doves they raised them for fertilizer and sacrifice.

Jon (my roommate) and myself

Kyle and i outside the entrance to Narnia

The entrance to Narnia

Dead Davis

Dead Davis and Dead Analise

Jason and my roommate Daniel

The Garden of Gethsemane is owned by the Catholic Church, and is normally closed off to the public. One day while we were there i made friends with a Franciscan Monk and i just asked him if he could let us in the gates. He let us in! So i got a picture styanding next to one of the trees!

The Tear Drop Church or Dominus Flevit - literally translated into "the Lord Cried". This is the spot where Jesus Said " oh Jerusalem oh jerusalem..." in Mathew 23:37.

looking at the Dome of the Rock at Dominus Flevit

The russian orthodox church. This is SO HARD to get into!!!! its only open from 10am-12am on tuesdays and thursdays, and we usually have class during those times. So one day when we had a class period cancelled we ran over there to get in! Whats interesting is that inside the church its set up like a israelite temple. It has a courtyard (or an open area to sit), a holy place (a closed off section where the priest preaches, and a holy of holies (a closet like room away from the congregation) where the preist goes off to talk to God.

The next two pictures is when we saw the separation wall, with all of the graffiti included. :) The space between the "n" and the "o" in "ignorance" is where the children climb up and over the separation wall. I guess they can do it in like 4-5 mins.

a huge apple i found at the israeli museum

this is when we played ultimate frisbee with a bunch of Palestinian kids. They never have seen a frisbee before! it was kind of fun explaining the game to them. After about 20mins of playing they became better at playing than we were. 

an endearing picture of myself and Natalie Doyle, a sister of one the Zone Leaders on my mission. She is here at the center with me! :)

We then got donuts at the Jewish quarter of the Old City

The next 7 pics are of a bunch of us at Ammunition Hill, a commemoration of the Israeli victory of the 1967 war. This is a BA pic of us in a tank. I tried to really get into character...

seeing all of these trenches filled with water, helps me understand how soldiers in WWI got serious trench foot. That would be beyond terrible!

sick bunker

i have no idea what im doing

the guy on the left is David, he's definitely German

Here is a "backflip" i did while playing ultimate frisbee with a bunch of Palestinian kids. They were so tight!

here is the kid that convinced me to do it!