Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello everyone! As you all know I have been accepted into the BYU Jerusalem Center study abroad program for the winter semester. I’ll be in Jerusalem from January 3rd to April 19th. The program will be taking me to Old Jerusalem, Turkey, Galilee, and Jordan. I have been assigned to be Group travel leader for all the flight layovers and during the trip traveling there. I’ll be responsible for being the liaison between the students and the different airports and to contact the Jerusalem Center with any problems we may be having. I have to report to a meeting in Provo at 11:30am on Jan 2nd, and I fly out on January 3rd. That’s all I know for now, ill update you when I know more.  


  1. hey my handsome son, we are looking forward to following you on this journey, post often and let us experience with you. Love you lots MOM

  2. hey handsome, how'd the flight go? hope all is well