Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jerusalem Overlook Field Trip!

The teachers took us to all the lookouts in Jerusalem! So here are some of the pictures from the field trip. ill comment them later. i have to upload the rest of my videos while i have the bandwidth.

      This is the view from the balcony of my room. You will see this again in a future video I made of a tour of the entire building.


       This is a view from the monument “Nabi Samwil” Which is an important place for 2 reasons: 1. It’s a monument where they honor the Prophet Samuel with a fake coffin “holding” the body of the Prophet Samuel. 2. This is the way the first crusaders came to overtake Jerusalem, and this is probably the view of the city they saw as they came in. The high rises are west Jerusalem. (they probably needed a telescope)

      This is from the same view, these three towers are a kind of compass we use while we are in the Old city, and you always know where the Jerusalem center is by looking at these three towers. The center is between the two towers on the left.

      This is the “tomb” of the prophet Samuel. It’s actually in the basement of the building in picture#8, which I will talk more of in that picture.


      This is just a picture of the two different settlements in Israel, and this is just a good picture showing both. Red brick roofs- Israeli, flat roofs- Palestinians.


      In Joshua Ch. 10 Joshua and the Israelite army defended a city called Gibeon, which is the mound in the middle of the picture. In that battle the Lord did two things 1. He made the sun stand still over the city of Gibeon (which would be in picture # 6.)


.       And the second thing He did was throw stones from heaven which would be in the valley in this picture.

 So this is the monument of Nabi Samwil. This place is unique because it’s a Holy site to both the Muslims and the Jews so they made accessible to both religions by making it both a Mosque and a Synagogue. The Synagogue being in the basement where the tomb of Samuel is.
Pictures 9-11 are from the Augusta Victoria Tower which is a hospital, a Lutheran Church of the Ascension, and it’s a pilgrim’s hospice. This picture is just of the bells in the tower.
This view is a southern view in the tower and this is a picture of one of the barrier walls that separates the Palestinian territories and the Israeli territories. It was really murky that day so all of the other directions just plainly…sucked.
This is just the tower we were in from the outside.
 This a view point outside of a hotel which comprises pictures 12-16. The cool thing in this picture is the dome building in the middle of the picture is the traditional site of Christ’s Ascension. And the gold building on the left is a cool Russian orthodox church on the Mount of Olives.

This is a cool picture of the City of David, which is south of the Temple Mount. I’ll draw on a picture like it and show you where it is, it’s hard to explain.
The one on top) is just a sweet eastern view of the city and the temple mount.

(the one on the bottom) The gray roofed building in the middle of the picture is the Church of All Nations. Right next to this church is the Garden of Gethsemane.

.          Right behind my friends here is one of many huge cemeteries! It is believed by some that in the first resurrection, the first to rise from their graves will be the ones closest to the Old City.

 17-18 is from the spot looking to Bethlehem. I’ll say more about this later on.

.          From this picture to the last are from the Haas Promenade overlook, which is traditionally the place Abraham would have looked coming to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mt. Moriah (the temple mount).

Some sheep I saw below us
      This is a picture of my teacher pointing to the village of Bethany, the birthplace of Mary and Martha.

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