Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trip to jerusalem

This is a video i made of the trip here! sorry its so shaky, i didnt realize how bad of a photographer i was until this.


  1. davis! it looks like your trip has been awesome so far! although i do wish i could see what it was like from the airplane through customs.. :) well i've loved reading your adventures so far and can't wait to hear more! have fun and be safe!

    1. Grace! how is it in Vienna? What is your blog?!

  2. i leave tomorrow! i'm freaking out a little bit haha! my blog is nothing too exciting yet but don't worry, soon!

  3. oooommmmmmggggggg davis u should toooootally grow a beard like those guys....that would be legit!

    ps. love u and miss u..good luck out there!