Sunday, January 8, 2012

So this morning, right after breakfast one of the service couples showed our humanitarian committee where the preschool was. WE are painting one of the walls, so we scoped it all out and made some plans on what we wanted to do. The teachers also showed us where to exchange our money- I did already 200 dollars gives me 780 shekels. It seems like a lot but it’s really not. Stuff is still expensive, and everything costs money. Cab rides are essential and they are around 10 shekels and they add up pretty quick. Like today we had a free day- its Sunday. That is going to be so weird! We walked like for two hours from the Jerusalem, all the way to the other side of west Jerusalem where they have the Israeli museum. It was pretty cool to see the model of the old Jerusalem – what it looked like 2000 yrs ago; also It was cool to see….THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS!!!! I thought it was to see all of them; the Jews put them in a giant onion looking building!!! Kind of weird, not going to lie. We were there in the museum to finish on of our homework projects- which is totally done by the way!! Any way we were totally tired so we caught a cab for the way back. We got back an hour before dinner. Perfect day! Tomorrow we are going on a field trip, I’m not sure where yet though, i think we are staying in the city though. I’ll tell you more about it later.

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