Sunday, January 8, 2012

The first time we went into the old city was the first full day I was here! All of the teachers took groups of 8 or so students out to tour the city. They wanted us to know where everything was so we could come back to it later. They explicitly told us not to bring our cameras because they wanted to give us just a brief overview of the whole place. It was incredible! I just felt like I was walking back in time, back to the time of Jesus. Everywhere you look, you see the age of the place. Everywhere except all the merchants all over the streets!!! You can buy everything from a chocolate bar to a teletubby (sp?)!  MY teacher was telling me that it was worth the couple of shekels to pay to walk along the walls all around Jerusalem. I think I am going to do that! Also we walked on top of this hostel and on the roof you can see everything from just a different angle. It seems like there are tons of places you can do this-look at everything. We also walked the final path of Jesus to Golgotha. There are landmarks to the different stories of his last walk. We walked to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre- basically the place where people pilgrimage to respect the death of Jesus.  We then walked out of the church to the Lions Gate which comes out to west Jerusalem. On some places if you look hard enough you can see the bullet holes in some of the buildings from one of the conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis. We then finished our tour by our security team coming to picking us up in our vans. and that was it! 

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