Sunday, January 22, 2012

      So its been awhile since i posted anything, but right now is a really good time to write somethings that have been happening here in Israel. So something i didn't expect coming is the grueling schedule they put us through! They keep us so busy, constantly on the go! Also the classes are extremely hard, we are given tons of reading to read every night- like 100-150 pages!!! which makes sense, they really want us to get something out of us being here. The director of the program told me that we pay a tenth of what it costs for us to be here. I'll let you do the math... Another thing i didn't expect is being in so close proximity with the professors. We are always with them, so THEY are getting to know us so well! My new testament teacher is is one of the guys doing the Joseph Smith Papers project. He did a fireside last night about all of the different accounts of the First Vision and how they correlate with each other very nicely. If you go on to and search Kent P. Jackson, you will see tons of Articles written by him-that's the director of our program. Like i ate lunch with him and his wife on Thursday. Brother Jackson is also the main churches authority on the JST section of the scriptures. He is the guy who got them from the Community of Christ and transcribed them into our archives. Anyway tomorrow we are going to Jordan for 4 days so im packing for the trip. We are staying in Hotels while we are visiting Petra and the surrounding sites. I'm super excited for it! ill take tons of pictures and i am making a movie of my experience in Petra. Stay tuned!

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