Sunday, January 8, 2012

I had my first Sabbath here. It was incredible! I am going to have to get used to a couple things: going to church with my professors, having sacrament meeting with the Old City as a backdrop to everything, having my Old Testament teacher teach priesthood, walking to the garden tomb and garden of Gethsemane before dinner and writing in my journal. We also fasted today; I only asked my Heavenly Father to help come close to my savior while I am here and develop a stronger relationship with him. There are a couple thoughts I want to share with you all that was shared with me during the meetings at church. One was that I’m Home in many different ways. One that Christ is my Father being born of God, also that I’m of the seed of Abraham, and this was their home. Also in priesthood my OT teacher explained how we are stewards, and what a steward was. We are standing in the place of Christ until he comes back. He is the lord of lords; he is the one with the power. I think dad when I was talking to you about grace is explained when the scriptures talk about Christ being the true vine? Like in: John 15. Also my OT teacher used the analogy of a rose when explaining of our situation here in Jerusalem that I really liked. A rose doesn’t complain about the thorns that surround it, it just blooms and blossoms! One of many spiritual experiences to come! 

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