Sunday, January 29, 2012

These pictures are from my 4 day field trip to Jordan.
Here are some Muslim Barbies....kinda weird.

These next two pictures are from Machaerus, the place where  King Herod  beheaded John the Baptist. This is the view looking southwest towards the Dead Sea.

The pillars are at the end of the dinning hall of the palace that used to be here.

This is the beginning of the great city of Petra, what you are looking at is a tomb of a Nabatean. What they used to do was put their dead on top of these pillars where the animals couldn't get at it. Something i thought though was "What about the vultures?  

Are those roman soldiers?

Our tour guide showing us Frankincense in the form they used to transport it in. I guess it melts really easily so they only transported it at night and hid it by day in caves. 

This canyon is called the Siq. Its the narrox canyon that leads to the city of Petra. Its so narrow the entire way that it made it a great form of defense for enemies. What my classmates are taking pictures of is a cart that the vendors pulled tourist through the canyon faster.

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